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Mihm Vogt • Germany


As a world-leading manufacturer of dental laboratory appliances for over 60 years, MIHM-VOGT GmbH has earned its reputation for proven quality, smart solutions and reliable service. In close cooperation with our customers, we have continuously developed and refined numerous product innovations in the course of time and adapted them to the current requirements of dental laboratories. Since 2013, we have been audited by QAS International and awarded ISO 9001: 2015. By understanding the needs, developing innovative ideas and using the most sophisticated manufacturing methods, time after time we have succeeded in setting higher technological standards and turning out appropriate laboratory appliances which impress our customers worldwide with their reliability and performance.

With the move to our new production premises in Stutensee in 2009, we became still more efficient and powerful: in a generously designed production area our experienced, dedicated team develops the next generation of laboratory appliances for the dental industry. Equipped with this extended product range and our personal service we are more than prepared to meet our customers‘ sophisticated requirements and face all those challenges the future may have in store for us.


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